The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program opens a new route for immigrants from other provinces

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominees Program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominees Program, administered by the provincial government, has added a new avenue for applicants. Specifically, the new method is intended to attract highly educated immigrants who will be able to contribute quickly and generate economic prospects for the province while also increasing the number of jobs available in Canada.

In a statement issued on January 28, Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney stated that the government will not accept applications until March 1 but that an online application procedure will be available beginning on that day.

According to Kenney, it will be possible for people with STEM skills to apply for permanent residence status if they have been working in their field for at least two years and can demonstrate how their skills will benefit the economy. STEM skills include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Kenney claims that the new channel is part of the government's objective to boost the number of immigrants entering the country to 300,000 by 2021. He says that the government wants to ensure that persons entering the nation make a positive contribution to Canadian society and the economy.

To be eligible for this new track, candidates must meet the following requirements:

• Be between the ages of 18 and 49;

• Have finished their secondary education;

• Possess a current work permit. You've resided in Canada for three of those years in the last five years. A post-secondary degree from a nationally recognized school is required.

• Own a work offer from a legally recognized employer in the province in which you wish to settle;

• Demonstrate command of the English language; and

• Pass a background check for criminal convictions.

Applicants will be required to present documentation demonstrating that they have worked in their area for two years. The evidence of job experience, professional qualifications, and academic credentials are all acceptable forms of proof.

In addition, applicants must demonstrate that they plan to remain in Saskatchewan permanently once granted permanent resident status.

Information about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program may be found at www.cic.gcca/english/immigrate/index e.asp3 (Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Saskatchewan has opened up a new pathway for highly skilled Canadians to apply for permanent residency.

The Saskatchewan government is introducing a new pathway for highly educated Canadians to facilitate the application for permanent residency in Saskatchewan.

According to Jason Kenney, Canada's Minister of Immigration, the new pathway will provide those with talents in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) the option to apply for permanent resident status in Saskatchewan provided they fulfill specific conditions and meet the requirements.

According to him, the objective is to recruit highly trained persons who are eager to make a positive contribution to the local community and assist in expanding the economy.

"We are well aware that we must bring in highly trained employees to fill openings in our labor market. We are well aware that we require them to come and remain at this location. And we are well aware that we must do it in a manner that is both reasonable for us and reasonable for them. To that end, we will make it simpler for highly trained Canadians to establish themselves as permanent residents in Saskatchewan."

People who have worked full-time in their profession for at least two years and can demonstrate that they will positively contribute to the local economy would be eligible to apply for permanent residency under the new pathway.

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