Teenage Girl Fights Off Bear to Save Dogs: Viral Video

Woman punches bear to save dogs

This is an amazing story. Although this lady had only one chance, she decided to save her pets rather than herself. A lesson to be learned is that we should never forget our responsibilities, our work, and our friends and family. Even though we may not be able to save ourselves, we should not give up trying. I think this lady is a real hero for saving her dogs and not giving up on them.

I was wondering the same thing! Seriously. If the dog is not your own, why take the risk? It was a heroic act, but it was stupid.

This woman is a hero . She is definitely my hero. If a bear attacked me and my dog, I am sure I would not be able to do the same thing. I am grateful there are people like this who love animals and will go to any extent to save them.

Another wild animal encounter video surfaced from California. The shocking video starts with a mother bear and two cubs fearlessly walking on the top of a block wall in one of the houses in Bradbury. In the meantime, several house dogs run up barking. A large black dog fearlessly confronts the mother bear, who hits back three times as her cubs scramble away. Three smaller dogs continue to bark at the bear, and one almost gets caught by one of the bear’s paws. It was when a teenage girl came into action and fights off the bear. Harsh? Surely! 

But that's the way the world is. Sometimes, you have to do things that are not in your nature to save your or your loved ones. You have to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. This lady's action may not be something you or I would like to do, but she did it. She fought her fear and did what she thought was right. It's hard to judge her. If you are in a similar situation and you see a bear attacking your dogs, what will you do? Will you save your dogs? or Will you run away?

Teenage Girl Fights Off Bear

Hailey Morinico, 17, said she heard the family dogs barking in her backyard and then saw a huge mama bear on a wall with her cubs. That’s when she runs up and pushes the bear. She falls to her knees from the effort but also managed to pull the bear off of the wall. In this fierce action, the bear loses its balance from the top of the wall. The girl then picks up one of the dogs, drives the others away from the area, and runs back into her house. The bear disappears back under the tree.

A young girl was walking her dogs in the woods when she came across a bear. The bear was attacking one of her dogs, and the girl bravely fought the bear to save her pet. She was able to drive the bear away, but not before it had seriously injured one of her dogs. The girl was heroically able to save her beloved pet, and she is sure to be praised for her bravery.

We have been more afraid of a bear than a shark because of the bear’s size and the potential for personal contact. The bear is a very large and powerful predator that can travel quickly for short distances. A bear can run up to 35 miles per hour, and it can climb and swim well.  Their claws are sharp and capable of delivering deep puncture wounds. A bear’s front canine teeth (fangs) are very long and are large enough to puncture fingernails.

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